Fault Management

Your customers are hungry for new digital services and they expect them to be of excellent quality. Comarch Fault Management lets you monitor converged, multi-technology and multi-vendor networks easily, to detect and react to problems promptly, and as a result to eliminate or reduce the impact of network faults on customer services, which is a fundament for proactive customer experience management.

Compared to other fault management systems available on the market, the Comarch product is a part of the broader, pre-integrated Comarch NG Service Assurance platform. Jointly with the Service Monitoring and Service Quality Management modules, which use the same software platform, you will experience a real ‘single pane of glass’ approach with the same ‘look and feel’. The platform will boost your Network and Service Operation Center performance. 



Telecom Fault Management - Comarch Solution Benefits

Boost customer experience

Comarch Fault Management is the entry point to a comprehensive Assurance Platform offered by Comarch. It allows customer service incidents to be prevented proactively, and network issues to be resolved before they become problems.

Reduce Your operational cost

Perform a centralized and unified set of actions triggered by sophisticated correlation rules using information from a comprehensive set of sources (EMS/NMS, network topology, performance management, customer experience, and data analytics), and reduce the number of alarms that need to be manually processed by operators by 90%.

Become flexible and SON/SDN ready

Use the Comarch OSS Mediation layer to effortlessly collect and aggregate alarms from a converged multi-technology, multi-vendor network and IT infrastructure, via the TMF TIP RAM standard compliance.

Run the alarm processing smoothly

Use the built-in filters and fault management rules to suppress, de-flicker, delay, group and count alarms automatically. Normalize and enrich alarms with data retrieved from network elements, perform cross-checks with outage and change activities, and create trouble tickets immediately.

Comarch Fault Management - Key Features

Single pane of glass

Single pane of glass approach improving incident management process and significantly decreasing MTTR (Mean Time to Restore) in geographically and organizationally complex networks.

Three levels of correlation

Three levels of correlation assuring 90% automation and easy maintenance of invaluable operator specific knowledge.

Topological correlation engine

Topological correlation engine pre-integrated with Comarch Network Inventory

Rich library of adapters

Rich library of adapters to collect and aggregate alarms from different sources efficiently.

Compliance with industry standards

Compliance with industry standards, e.g. TMF TIP RAM.

Part of Integrated Assurance

Part of Integrated Assurance portfolio – easy enhancement with Performance Management, Service Quality Management or Customer Experience Management

This product is a part of:

Improving Mobile Network Quality with "Umbrella" Fault Management - Case Study

The introduction of Comarch OSS Suite was a giant step forward in optimizing operations thanks to integrating the management of our transmission technologies into one homogeneous platform.

Gűnter Kaufmann, Manager Operations Support Systems at Telefónica Deutschland


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