Customer Order Management

Comarch Customer Order Management is an innovative and compact product which allows CSP's to simplify order management processes and become independent from multiple BPM (Business Process Management) engines. The system is based on generic data flows driven by product order specifications that allow to achieve significant time-to-market reduction without the need for big IT architecture transformations. Comarch COM is pre-integrated with the Comarch BSS/OSS suite and can be easily integrated into existing sales channels, product catalogs, product inventories and service activation systems. Comarch Customer Order Management can be easily integrated with all existing IT systems through the Application Integration Framework and allows separating integration and order logics.

Typical order management solutions are usually based on large BPM engines and composed of multiple layers of inconsistent and complex processes. Even if they contain dedicated order management functionalities, each new product still requires creating and maintaining a large number of processes. A significant portion of business logic which is not directly related to order management gradually becomes part of the processes. This type of solution is extremely difficult and costly to run due to the fact that the number of processes grows uncontrollably. Difficulties in providing reliable order status information may cause negative customer experiences and directly lead to high churn.

Comarch BSS OSS Products - Telecom Customer Order Management

Telecom Customer Order Management - Product Features

Easily Manage Launching New Products

Manage all product orders and specifications stored in product catalogs with Catalog Driven Order Management.

Introduce a One Order Hub for All Customer Touch Points

Manage orders through dedicated domain components, serve all customer channels including retail, self-service, call center, dealers, etc.

React More Quickly

Smoothly introduce products and offers and without any back-end processes reconfiguration.

Simplify Your Business Processes

Choose zero-workflow architecture with generic processes instead of customizable collection of workflow steps with built-in product specific logic.

Implement Industry Standard Processes

Handle entire product life cycle requests linked to order capture, tracking and order lifecycle management tasks with a system based on the TMF SID concept.

Comarch Customer Order Management for Telecoms is a part of:

Automating BSS Processes in the Business Customer Segment - Case Study

The components of KPN's previous BSS system required vast amounts of manual work being carried out by its users. Finally, a decision was made to purchase a new, integrated solution, and Comarch matched our requirements perfectly.

Cees Versteeg, Director IT and Operations, KPN Managed Mobile Solutions

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