Customer Experience Management

The increasing complexity of the telecommunications environment brings new challenges for operators seeking to increase their revenue streams. Focus on the customer is a crucial factor in helping to achieve this goal. But the scope of data sources bringing valuable information about customer behavior is constantly expanding, and the information itself is being delivered from a growing range of sources such as network probes, the Internet of Things, beacons, location services, OTT (over the top) services, and social networks. This all contributes to the increasing complexity of challenges faced by operators as they seek to develop effective customer experience telecommunications processes.

Effective utilization of this information requires a modern customer experience management platform that can interrogate data to deliver answers to demanding questions originating from marketing, customer care, and service operations centers in order to improve the telco customer experience. Comarch experts shed new light on this challenge and support you on the journey.

Customer Experience Management for Telecoms - Comarch Solution Benefits

Validate and steer your marketing decisions

Comarch’s Customer Experience Management provides information relevant for marketing, steering wise decisions regarding service packaging and marketing campaigns, resulting in increased operator revenues.

Personalize your offers

Information extracted from different data sources improves understanding of customer behavior and allows you to be proactive in fulfilling their needs. This helps you to improve customer satisfaction, increase loyalty, and decrease the churn rate.

Optimize your network investments

Knowing customer behavior and customer-related issues allows you to plan your network investments efficiently and avoid outages in the highest revenue areas (hotspots). In this way you can eliminate over-investment in lower priority areas.

Proactive customer care

Monitor potential customer experience issues in the network and enable your customer service representatives to contact your customers proactively upon detection of incidents, even before a complaint is made. Detailed information about the service restoration processes may improve customer experience significantly.

Comarch Customer Experience Management - Key Features

Efficient analytics for processing terabytes of data

The analytics engine process terabytes of data daily, with capability to increase the volume to petabytes. Flexible architecture ensures the efficient utilization of resources by assignment of reports to categories assuring real time, near real time, or postponed generation depending on their frequency and urgency.

Comprehensive visualization

Besides flexible dashboards, easily configurable by data scientists, the solution provides a number of specialized dashboards supporting most important use cases, e.g. roaming monitoring, and VIP monitoring tailored for our customers.

Customer impact analysis

Get an insight into customer perception of your services, thanks to combined fault management and performance management functionalities. Benefit from a trustable tool for customer experience management, which automatically aligns application monitoring and black box customer service probing with an ability to calculate the impact of network problems on customer services.

Comarch Customer Experience Management is a part of:

Ensuring Seamless Customer Experience for Telecom VIP Customers - Case Study

I am confident that Comarch solutions will enable MTS to accomplish transition from a network-centric towards a customer-centric OSS ecosystem with an ultimate goal of creating the best customer experience.

Andrey Ushatsky, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, MTS

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