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Comarch Campaign Management provides comprehensive support for defining, deploying and evaluating marketing campaigns and is sold as a pre-integrated element in the Comarch CRM for Telecoms suite. Comarch Campaign Management was created for organizations which advertise through online and offline channels and want to streamline this field of operations.

Comarch Campaign Management allows communication service providers to improve marketing campaign and communication management to achieve higher marketing efficiency. The system optimizes the process of campaign design and creation, simplifies management and planning and automatically executes the campaign to obtain thorough analysis of the results. The system also helps telecom service teams coordinate and track employee efforts and achievements related to advertising campaigns.

Comarch BSS OSS Products - Telecom Campaign Management


Easily Plan And Monitor Even The Most Complex Campaigns

Manage multiple marketing action plans with an interactive calendar and gain easy insight into their results with an intuitive graphic interface.

Increase Productivity with A Workflow Management Tool

Simplify planning and collaboration by unifying marketing and sales team efforts. Easily automate campaign planning and execution with built-in predefined workflow models that can be modified using an intuitive drag-and-drop designer.

Make Sure Your Campaign Reaches The Right Customers

Adjust your marketing strategy to user needs thanks to thorough segmentation; determine the right target groups for each campaign based on demographics, previous customer behavior and the campaign history.

Test Campaigns Before Launching

Maximize email marketing results by testing client responses prior to launching your campaign.

Run Omni-Channel Marketing Communication

Implement personalized messages in multiple channels (email, SMS, Call Center, direct mail, online surveys, etc.) to boost individual customer experience with a single tool.

Manage Spending and Campaign Budgets

Improve insights into marketing costs and budgets and gain greater control over expenditure by comparing planned budgets with actual expenses.

Monitor Campaign Results In Real Time

Browse information and statistics on the current state of your marketing campaign in real-time via single view thanks to a dynamic dashboard.

Comarch Campaign Management

Comarch Campaign Management

Comarch Campaign Management Overview

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