Application Integration Framework

Efficient collaboration with business partners requires nowadays a business-to-business gateway solution which also simplifies business processes. Such a solution should replace time-consuming, manual processes with automated version linked to external business partners. Comarch Application Integration Framework integrates external systems into CSP’S BSS environment and unifies communication between all integrated services. This highly customizable solution simplifies the process architecture, increases platform automation and allows your business partners to smoothly integrate their systems into your BSS platform.

Whenever your business growth brings demand for new services, the ESB-based Comarch Application Integration Framework solution makes it possible to integrate them on demand, one-by-one and without impact for those already running on the platform. The system allows pre-defining which services a given business partner, such as MVNO, can access, and what type of data is to be delivered to them (usage data, billing data, or both). Comarch Application Integration Framework provides fast and reliable web service access to specific functionalities of the operator’s underlying BSS platform through the automated B2B Gateway. As the number of MVNOs and their subscribers grow, you’ll be able to effortlessly upgrade the solution according to meet any business requirements.

Comarch BSS OSS Products - Telecom Application Integration Framework

Comarch Application Integration Framework - Product Features

Facilitate Communication Between All Integrated Services

Integrate and manage all external, heterogeneous systems and new services through the ESB-based platform without impacting those which are already running.

Keep Your Communication Secure

Personalize the parameters and communicate with your business partners through a secure channel: sort your data (usage, billing etc.) and define all service and data accesses for each business partner.

Effortlessly Adapt To Your Partners

Set the data update frequency, define the file formats and other parameters to adapt to business requirements.

Automate Communication to Optimize the Business Processes

Use the automated B2B Gateway for fast and reliable web service access to the specific functionalities of the underlying BSS platform.

Reuse To Achieve Process Integrity and Consistency

Reuse the successful BSS environment workflow processes to effortlessly handle all incoming service requests from partners.

Be The First To Answer The Market

Update your services on the fly and adapt the system transparently to meet all business requirements as hosted MVNO's gain importance.

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