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What is Comarch SON Integration Box product?

Comarch SON Integration Box is mainly responsible for integrating centralized SON (self-organizing network) tools with the existing OSS environment. As a central hub for the exchange of various types of data, it aggregates SON plans and dispatches them to different tools. It also provides physical network information to SON. Data are gathered from multiple external sources and pre-processed for SON usage. Additionally, SON Integration Box can manage neighbor whitelists and blacklists, and fetch all SON-related events and alarms for assurance purposes, acting as a mediation and filtering mechanism for fault management systems, usually via an SNMP interface.

Comarch’s SON Integration Box is built from Comarch OSS products (some of them optional), including Network Inventory, Mediation, Authentication Service, Log Repository, Task Scheduler, Configuration Management & Reconciliation, Fault Management and OSS Console GUI. All data flows into and from Integration Box are maintained by Comarch’s OSS Mediation module, using dedicated interfaces. Fetching and dispatching data is based on an internal inventory framework.

Integrating SON Functionalities into the Complex OSS World
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Benefits of Comarch SON Integration Box product:

Manage data exchange between cSON, OSS and the network

An SON tool plans actions, which are simultaneously provisioned directly to RAN elements and delivered to the Integration Box. Those actions are stored in the Integration Box database, processed, and distributed to OSS applications. The system can also be used to provision SON plans for specific RAN vendors or technologies, even those not supported by SON.

Save time thanks to process automation

Users don’t need to log in to Integration Box to perform any actions, as the system runs automatically. The console (GUI) is used only to control and configure adapter settings or reports, and is managed by admins or super-users. Radio network planners can use the GUI for actions applying to selected additional or optional features. All other actions are automated.

Track and roll back SON-related changes

Comarch SON Integration Box is based on an inventory database that stores the history of all SON plans and allows operators to identify problems and roll back SON-related changes if something goes wrong.

Configure network elements from any supplier

Comarch’s SON Integration Box, in combination with Configuration Management, extends SON capabilities to hardware from all vendors. Comarch SON Integration Box can use automatic mediation to decompose SON plans and dispatch SON actions to network elements provided by any supplier. The process is automated and invisible for end users.

Perform periodical network audits

Full network audit capabilities provide deep insight into default values for the network parameters of all RAN managed objects, regardless of vendor. The Integration Box allows parameters to be modified and provisioned, even those not usually monitored and processed. The built-in scheduler can be used to trigger periodical network audits, aimed at correcting parameters or reporting discrepancies. All this is done in full synchronization with an SON tool.

Optimize the transport layer

The unique value of the Comarch SON Integration Box lies in its mobile backhaul capabilities. The product supports SON tools with optimization of the transport layer, automatically detecting mobile backhaul interface dependencies and applying corrections directly to network elements. Actions can also be triggered by SON requests to provision, correct or delete Iur or X2 interfaces.
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