5G promises communication and digital service providers a way to open up new revenue streams and apply new monetization models. Yet, for most CSPs, this hasn’t yet happened. Now, this can change. 

Wireless technology used to be limited, making it impossible to provide IoT services in real time. This left the field open for PLC-based automation of wire-based solutions. Here, 5G URLLC comes into its own as a game-changer – combining with edge computing to revolutionize the IoT landscape with real-time closed-loop automation in smart manufacturing. This will not only eliminate wires and provide more agility, but also open up innovation for AI/ML solutions that require cloud computing. 

Sounds interesting? 

Tune in for a webinar by Łukasz Mendyk, OSS Product Manager at Comarch, and analyst from Omdia, entitled “URLLC and Edge Computing as Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 Enablers”.

The webinar will take place on February 2 at 8am GMT / 12pm GST / 1pm AEDT, so make sure to book your place!

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