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Comarch IoT Billing: A Charging Solution for IoT Billing in Telecom

In response to the sophisticated requirements of IoT customers, Comarch developed a comprehensive IoT Billing that meets all the needs of the modern IoT world. The module is tailored to the needs of your IoT operations, it enables to charge not only for connectivity, but also for IoT devices, vertical applications and bundled services. IoT customers are looking for the well suited offer answering their businesses in the most appropriate way. System supports all kinds of multileveled business relations (B2B, B2B2C, B2B2B).

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Benefits of Comarch IoT Billing Product:

Create Bundled IoT Services with a Variety of Pricing Models

Using the IoT Billing module, you can cooperate with different IoT players (such as communications service providers (CSPs), providers of IoT services, application providers, device providers, third-parties (partners) or resellers) to create sophisticated bundled services. Offer your customers a variety of innovative pricing models, including value-based (pay per use), criteria-based (flat rate) or consumer device-based pricing.

Offer the Highest Quality of Billing for IoT Services

Thanks to the IoT Billing module you can offer your customers the best user experience whatever the services are, ensure the highest invoicing speed and efficiency, provide support and help at any time with Managed Services to cover the full bill runs, and deliver improved performance, a multitude of reporting functions, automated alerts and notifications and detections of misuses.

Take Full Control of Your Money Flows

Comarch IoT Billing let you control money flows between parties with up to date, automatically generated financial documents within multi-party IoT services. Control all phases of service delivery, down to payments, and browse financial reports, invoices and settlements between various involved parties.

Be Ready for Future with Real Time Processing

The IoT Billing platform lets you gather and process data collected from your network, IoT devices, applications and other data sources in real time, and charge it in prepaid, postpaid or mixed models. Using these models you can deliver the real value to Customers’ businesses, whether this is retail, healthcare, automotive or energy & utilities.

Deliver real IoT Services to Vertical Markets

Comarch IoT Billing helps to engage with vertical markets more dynamically by offering various capabilities to all customers. Thanks to the platform Customers can feel that the offering is suited to their needs, vertical specifics, process requirements. Customers buying a convergent service will be charged for the use of the IoT service and not only for data used or SMS sent. Each vertical is different and thus offering should also be composed of different elements. Using the IoT Billing platform, new offerings can be easily created as an exact answer to vertical.

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