IoT Analytics Platform

Comarch IoT Analytics Platform: Intelligent Big Data Processing and Real-Time Data Analytics in Telecom

Most executives say a lot of critical information needed for decision-making is delivered to the telecom operators too late. Traditional solutions based on business intelligence/data warehouse platforms enable you to perform post-mortem, offline data mining and analysis, and provide actionable results no sooner than several days or even weeks after the event took place. This is no longer fast enough in a world where everything needs to happen in real time.

Operational excellence requires immediate action. Modern IT solutions should therefore focus on delivering results and building real business value in a much shorter timeframe – it is necessary, for example, that a data analytics platform ingests source data automatically in streaming mode, processes it, and makes intelligent decisions in real time. It should also trigger actions automatically, based on analytical insights.

The IoT Analytics Platform module focuses on delivering measurable business value, using intelligent big data processing and real-time data analytics for M2M/IoT business purposes. It provides thorough information about the way in which customers are using your IoT products. Additionally, it handles some issues related to quality of service (QoS) within operations, by helping discover which device (or type of device) generates issues, revealing data patterns and trends, and providing reports and analyses of anomalies. Device/IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) or customer profile dashboards enable deep data drill down. You can also use the supporting functions such as alarms and notifications internally, to improve your business and operational results and enhance customer experience using this solution, which enables you to truly unlock the potential of IoT (Internet of Things) analytics data for telecom organizations.

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Benefits of Comarch IoT Analytics Platform:

Measure Business Value Using Intelligent Big Data Processing

Gather and process data collected from a network, M2M/IoT devices, applications and other data sources in real time, and combine it all with historical data to see which services your customers are using, and how, in one consistent view. Use this knowledge to measure the value of your IoT business.

Learn More About Your IoT Services to Improve them

Deliver valuable information from the analytics tool to your business, sales and operational departments. Combine the M2M analytics data with information from BSS/OSS and vertical applications, to build a complete view of the service and understand how to better tailor it to your customers’ needs.

Reach Highest Operational Excellence

Analyze how your services are being used by connected devices, track the performance of those devices, and visualize the movement of your equipment. Use those inputs to improve performance on your services, react to reduce inefficient use of devices, and propose service changes according to customer needs.

Offer the Highest Quality of Service, Using Various-level SLAs

Provide your customers with the highest quality of service (QoS), by offering and easily managing different SLA levels in your IoT operations. Discover which devices generate issues, reveal patterns and trends, report and analyze anomalies, drill down into the information within the user dashboards to see all details of a given service, raise alarms and notify customers to improve business and operational results, and enhance customer experience.

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"We chose Comarch because their existing product portfolio provided a good basis for the platform. More importantly, Comarch was able to prove their ability to quickly develop custom features upon request. We believe that in dynamically growing markets, flexibility and customer orientation are the keys to success. The set-up we have chosen with Comarch helps us deliver just that."

A1 Telekom Austria Group High Management Representative

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