Webinar: Simplifying B2B2X Business with Next Generation BSS

The evolution of the telecommunications landscape towards full automation and digitization brings new business opportunities, and new ways of thinking about doing business. While collaboration between different organizations across several verticals undoubtedly makes relationships more complex, this need not be an issue.

With advanced infrastructure in place and deep knowledge of network operations, telcos are perfectly placed to innovate and shape the services they offer to meet demand in the B2B sector. The telecommunications market is only at the start of this journey, but it’s already clear that the opportunities are practically limitless for those operators willing to embrace novel use cases and implementations. What’s more, we at Comarch have the experience and expertise to help them seize those opportunities.

Join our free webinar, entitled “Simplifying B2B2X Business with Next Generation BSS, to discover how telcos are diversifying (and why they need to) in the face of new challenges and opportunities in the enterprise sector.

The webinar organized in cooperation with The Fast Mode will be hosted by our BSS Product Managers, Anna Kozłowska-Jarosz and Bartłomiej Kordas, and will take place on May 19 at 9am ET | 1pm GMT | 5pm GST, so make sure to book your place!

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