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OXYCOM S.A. is one of the most innovative companies from the new technologies and communications sector in Poland. Its main advantages are: a rich portfolio of modern IT services, a well-trained team and flexibility, through which OXYCOM is able to adapt to customer needs. Among OXYCOM’s products can be found solutions based on the cloud model, voice communications, as well as systems allowing for savings and IT outsourcing. Thanks to a group of experts, OXYCOM S.A. is able to meet the challenges posed by the IT market and suggest a solution tailored to the needs of any client.

Comarch provided OXYCOM with a convergent solution for managing the end-to-end cloud revenue chain in financial and operational aspects. The solution supports OXYCOM in acquisition and delivering services in the cloud, including operation and business applications in the SaaS model and infrastructure as a services (IaaS).

The business need

 Oxycom business case study

OXYCOM’s business model is based on a multitenant IT environment which delivers bundled services in the usage based model, and is offered to enterprises, public market, communication service providers as well as partners and resellers. The services are cost-effective thanks to applying authorization and billing based on real service usage.

OXYCOM’s portfolio of enterprise services delivered in the cloud contains:

  • Specialized Software as a Service – building industry incl. CAD, IT management, and more
  • Infrastructure as a Service – hosting services
  • Telecommunication services – VoIP infrastructure and PBX
  • Business applications – professional e-mail services with Microsoft Exchange and SME Office applications

To deliver services in the cloud OXYCOM actively cooperates with partners and resellers and provides them with dedicated support which consists of:

  • OXYSoft as a complete platform for telecommunication operators looking for new revenue streams
  • Open SaaS platform – cloud-based environment for distributing software in the “pay as you go” model
  • OXYDemo – cloud platform for application testing
  • The service of advanced billing of end users

Final service delivery methods are specific for particular industry segments.

In order to offer the above described services OXYCOM was looking for a solution for manage the end-to-end revenue chain of cloud offering


The approach

The cooperation model between OXYCOM and Comarch is not based on a typical customer-vendor relationship. It is based on a real partnership where Comarch supports the evolution of OXYCOM’s business.

Even the financial aspects of cooperation are tightly connected with OXYCOM’s business progress. An important aspect of the cooperation is that Comarch, being a multi-industry software vendor, will also help OXYCOM extend its portfolio of offered services with:

  • Set of ERP applications for SME
  • Various industry-specific applications

The solution


Comarch provided OXYCOM with a solution that consists of customer billing, revenue sharing (for calculating and sharing profits with partners), service monitoring, cloud service usage data mediation and service activation for the cloud.

The solution delivered to OXYCOM is based on Comarch’s BSS/OSS products:

  • Comarch Convergent Billing – for billing of all services, the product catalog, accounts and contract management
  • Comarch Service Provisioning – for activating services in the cloud
  • Comarch Billing Mediation – for unifying and validating all service usage data (UDR) and proactive service monitoring (including service quality alarms)
  • Enterprise Service Bus – for integrating with 3rd party systems

The solution is fully convergent and manages both telecom services (like VoIP or PBX services) and cloud-specific applications (like business applications or infrastructure).

The results


As a result of implementing Comarch’s solution OXYCOM can efficiently run their business and offer cloud services.

The implementation allowed for simplified management of the end-to-end cloud revenue chain – encompassing developers, resellers, partners and customers – with various aspect of – billing, revenue sharing, activation, monitoring and mediation.

An important benefit for OXYCOM is that the system enables to easily monitor services in the cloud and in case of any problems it generates appropriate alarms and notifications.

Additionally, OXYCOM can now offer its platform users better cost control and improved customer experience thanks to the real-time credit control mechanism.

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