Comarch BSS & OSS Suite Implementation

OnePhone Deutschland


OnePhone Deutschland GmbH offers medium and large businesses a revolutionary, tailor made telecommunications solution. With a successful concept proven over the past seven years on the Swedish market, OnePhone replaces customers’ existing telecommunications infrastructure with a private mobile network. A virtual PBX unites the functions of both mobile and fixed networks in one device that can be used at any location – thereby helping OnePhone customers to accomplish an important goal: achieving the maximum levels of efficiency, simplicity and flexibility.

Implemented Solutions

OnePhone business need case study

The business need

Starting out as a new operator for corporate customers in Germany in 2009 OnePhone required a complete BSS and OSS platform including all software, hardware and professional services. One of the main challenges was fixed-mobile convergence (“one-phone”). This required a system which could easily handle multiple numbers, e.g. MSISDN, PSTN, short numbers or extensions. Additionally, the integration with a virtual PBX, fixed and mobile number portability (MNP/LNP) and the core network had to be managed. This also contains the deployment of local pico/micro-cells as well as custom pricing schemes for each corporate customer of OnePhone.


The solution

Within the terms of the contract signed at the beginning of 2009, Comarch has delivered itsBSS/ OSS platform in order to support billing (e.g. Comarch Convergent Billing, Comarch Interconnect Billing, Comarch Billing Mediation or Comarch Service Provisioning) and CRM processes (e.g. Comarch CRM for Telecoms) within the pico/micro-cell GSM telephony concept.

The solution enables billing, rating and charging, pre-sales and sales support, features a central product catalog, as well as fulfillment processes including Site Installation Management and Automated Service Provisioning. It facilitates advanced billing management as well as execution of marketing campaigns, commissioning and financial reporting. Additionally, Comarch Corporate Self Care – enabling widespread customer self-service via the Internet – is to be delivered as a part of the package.


The results

The implementation of the Comarch BSS and OSS Suite for OnePhone Deutschland entailed a number of benefits including:

  • Real convergence: Fixed-mobile convergence including PBX functionality – “one-phone”
  • Powerful: Mature billing system for individual and custom pricing schemes per business customer
  • Seamless integration: With core network number porting for mobile and fixed telephony
  • Automation: Complete end-to-end pre-sales and sales process based on the workflow system
  • Short Time-to-Delivery: Fast implementation and reduced CAPEX as the solution comprises mature COTS products


OnePhone Deutschland case study cover

OnePhone: Comarch BSS & OSS Suite Implementation (PDF)

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  • Increased operational efficiency: Substantial use of self-care functionality for increased efficiency and customer satisfaction as well as reduced OPEX
  • Project management functionality: Effective support for planning and set up of on-site radio networks at customer sites
  • Future-proof design: Smooth extensibility, open architecture, ready for integration and rapid launch of new services
The successful commercial launch of the BSS platform took place in November 2009. Thanks to the wide scope of its functionalities, the Comarch BSS and OSS Suite is a sure step towards an integrated telecommunication platform, simplifying the management process and reducing the OPEX

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