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Product Catalog: A Product Management System for Telecoms

Comarch Product Catalog Management System plays a major role in the modular BSS architecture as it manages the most dynamically changing part of every telecom business. It handles the detailed configuration of product specifications and offers which can be combined freely, bundled or re-used in numerous variants, which drives the behavior definition of several other modules regarding where and how to sell, bill and manage them.

That is why Comarch Product Catalog is an essential, pre-integrated module of other Comarch products such as CRM for Telecoms and Convergent Billing System. The use of TMForum’s Shared Information Data model (SID) as a basis ensures the possibility to model even the most sophisticated products, including all important details such as eligibility and cardinality rules, migration paths, and numerous pricing models and rate plans or additional rule-based validations. Comarch Product Catalog also comes with powerful version control, configuration export and import tools, and built-in processes for lifecycle management, approval and publication.

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Benefits of implementing a system for managing a product offer in telecommunications - Comarch Product Catalog:

One telco Product Catalog system for the entire portfolio

Mobile (including 5G), fixed, VPN, Cable TV, IoT – all types of products and services, both traditional and digital, are well supported.


New offers in a few clicks based on existing configuration. Simplified bundling so the existing offers can be grouped quickly and sold jointly.

Innovation culture ready

Same-day introduction of new offers without the input of IT staff.

Based on TMForum standards

Unified language thanks to SID-based models and simplified integration through Open API. Telecom Product Catalog configuration actually driving numerous processes across the system, including quoting, order capture and charging.

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Orange Luxembourg

Comprehensive BSS stack for mobile, fixed and network services

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