B2B Sales & Ordering

B2B Sales & Ordering: Streamlining the Procurement Process in the B2B Segment for Telecoms

Selling services to enterprise customers requires a holistic, omnichannel approach from the moment a lead is captured and qualified to the points that a solution is designed, quoted and negotiated, a bid accepted, an agreement created, a final order received and an invoice raised. 

This is a challenge for many providers due to the lack of integrated systems supporting the whole journey. Lead management is often in one CRM, separated from CPQ and order management systems.  Delivering an initial solution estimate often requires multiple emails, manual and repeated input of data and many calculations, which slows the entire process and quite often results in difficulties in order creation.

The Comarch Telecom B2B Sales & Ordering system, proven among Tier 1 service providers, addresses these challenges. It provides end to end, lead to cash experience with a single, unified platform. Accurate quotes are always delivered in a matter of minutes in automatic manner. As the quote mechanism is fully driven by the offer definition from the common Product Catalog, the quote becomes an agreement and order seamlessly once the negotiation process is finalized and approved. Product Catalog stores products’ commercial and technical terms including prices and costs, contract terms, availability and technical information.

The Telecom B2B Sales & Ordering portal provides role-based access with pre-defined dashboards for the entire collaboration chain, and supports the process starting from registration of the lead, to initial quote delivery, approval, order completion and the creation of financial statements.

Applying an Omnichannel Strategy in Telecommunications

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Benefits of implementing a platform for managing orders from business customers - Comarch B2B Sales & Ordering:

Smooth sales processes

Entire lead to cash process in a single platform. No more re-typing of customer data or product interests when the customer decides to make a purchase, as the same entities are used across the solution and continuously enriched as the customer and order capture process goes further and further.

Personalized Offers and pricing customizations

For VIP customers, especially those in the public sector , it’s extremely important that offer conditions are precisely cut to their requirements. That’s why fully personalized offers and various pricing adaptations are available. The system provides tools preventing fraud, including approval processes and customization rules and boundaries.

Product Catalog-driven Quoting and Ordering 

It’s now easier than ever before to guarantee bid prices, as quoting and ordering use the same offers. The model-driven approach enables re-usability and innovation, and simplifies multi-tenant quotes and orders. 

Enterprise Frame Agreement management

The product fully supports Frame Agreements, so the negotiated offer terms can be used widely by a company, its employees and even related firms.

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