While 5G will undoubtedly bring about the biggest and most significant transformations and will lead telecom trends, 2020 will be the year in which operators seek to further monetize and advance their network infrastructure and investments.

Comarch’s new ebook, entitled “10 Steps for Telecoms to Monetize 5G, IoT, B2B and Data in the Coming Year”, explores how telcos can keep ahead of the game over the coming 12 months, with predictions for the directions of development in key areas.

5G – investment and return for telcos

Telcos are investing heavily in 5G, so one prediction for telecommunication trends 2020 is that they will certainly be trying to maximize ROI on their investment in this field. To succeed, operators must essentially be open to identifying and testing new business models and embracing new, perhaps non-traditional partnerships. Staying with 5G, there are great expectations for network slicing. It will, to a certain extent, deliver on those expectations, but there will still be plenty of work ahead as operators search for business cases that will allow network slicing to fulfil its maximum potential.

Network transformation with AI

Artificial intelligence will play its part, feeding into new approaches to service assurance and data management. In service assurance, AI-driven automation will be vital for predictive maintenance, and in the virtualization and modernization of operations support environments. On the data management side, 2020 will see telcos becoming smarter in the use of AI to understand their customers and make carefully tailored offers.

Emerging business models

In the B2B and B2C market segments, there will be opportunities for telcos to begin monetizing services. In B2B, they will be targeting enterprise clients such as those in healthcare, transport and education – while also differentiating themselves via offering cloud platforms, security solutions and IoT/M2M products. B2C will be more about the digital transformation of sales models, with major advances expected in the use of chatbots.

Into the cloud with IoT

The cloud itself will lead telcos to more cost-effective ways to innovate and deliver new services and products to market quickly. We shouldn’t expect a rapid or revolutionary switch to cloud-native among the majority of telcos in 2020, but there will certainly be steps forward in terms of replacing key elements such as product/service catalogs and digital sales portals with cloud-native solutions. Further investment and innovation will come later.

One certainty is that, in terms of telecommunication trends, 2020 will be the year in which many of us see the greater integration of telecommunication services in our everyday lives – via Internet of Things services. We will be seeing more, increasingly advanced smart city and smart home products and services, with telcos connecting partners such as energy producers, municipal authorities, installation companies, security specialists (data and physical), and more.

With so much to look forward to in 2020, and because we are only beginning to explore the potential of 5G, Comarch’s new ebook also sounds a cautionary note: let’s learn how to maximize the benefits of 5G before we start thinking about 6G.

For more, download your free copy of “10 Steps for Telecoms to Monetize 5G, IoT, B2B and Data in the Coming Year” here.


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