Field service automation is a key to success for any organization that deploys a mobile workforce. Automation means speed and optimization, but how can businesses adapt to new technologies that bring such benefits?

Comarch’s new ebook, entitled “Fifty Ways to Automate Field Service Delivery”, identifies seven key areas in which field service providers can not only bring automation into play to improve their daily operations, but can also innovate to gain an edge in such a competitive field.

These key areas are resource management, service request management, planning and scheduling, business management, work order execution, communication and asset management. In each of these key areas, this field service guide presents concrete examples of actions that you can take – explaining how and why businesses can benefit from them.

Because technologies are changing so rapidly in the digital landscape, the ebook also includes a short section on some of the “futuristic” possibilities that are already with us and being deployed by the most forward-thinking businesses managing field workforce.

Field Service Automation Tips - for Beginners and Advanced Users

Published by Comarch, “Fifty Ways to Automate Field Service Delivery” is both a primer for organizations which are just starting to consider how to improve their operations, and a concise reference for those which are perhaps further down the line of field workforce automation and wish to take their processes to the next step.

Whichever stage you are at, this ebook is an excellent means of ensuring that you are up to speed on the role field force automation has to play in topics such as:

  • rapid issue resolution,
  • agile workforce management,
  • and optimization of task distribution and service-related processes.

It also serves as an introduction to Comarch Field Service Management solutions, which offer a broad range of fully customizable resource management possibilities and ensure you will always have the right tools in place to ensure your customer-focused service operations run smoothly in the field and in the back office.

How Does Field Service Automation Impact the Business?

That’s what TVCable Group discovered when they deployed Comarch FSM and were subsequently able to guarantee that 90% of installation orders could be fulfilled within 24 hours – against an SLA of twice that time.

“Fifty Ways to Automate Field Service Delivery” may sound like a daunting title, especially when you are concentrating on the daily tasks of running your business. But it is worth remembering that even one tool, thoughtfully and sensibly deployed, can deliver great benefits. Of course, that’s not say that you can’t just go ahead and work on all 50… but be sure to read our ebook first to make sure that you are on the right track.

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Daniel Trociński

FSM Business Development Consultant

Daniel provides consulting in the area of Field Service Management at Comarch Telco. He focuses on innovation and usability of the IT products.


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