Secure Access

What is Comarch SecureAccess?

Comarch SecureAccess is a solution for supervising privileged users' activity on servers. It is a convenient tool to manage administrators’ permissions and to record and supervise privileged users’ actions on the servers. It assists in monitoring both internal and remote access to server resources through the secure shell (SSH) and Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Before gaining access to the destination server, the user must undergo a strong authentication procedure, and any unauthorized access attempts are immediately reported. This makes it possible to supervise and protect user-server communication, as well as configure and manage session timeouts in a convenient and secure way.

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Secure Access Chosen Features

Session management

Session management and monitoring

- Session accountability
- Recording all keystrokes and mouse clicks
- RDP slideshows
- Text-searchable session recordings
- Monitoring and recording of SecureAccess's operators’ activities
- Notifications and alerts
- SSH and RDP protocols

Separation of duties

Separation of duties

Every operator is assigned to one of the strictly defined roles:
- Global Administrator – a superuser who has all the privileges
- Operator – manages the users and permissions in a dedicated area
- Pass operator – has access to servers' credentials
- Auditor – can watch recordings and logs

notification alert

Real-time notification alert

SecureAccess can send e-mail alerts triggered by:
- overlimits
- new session
- initialisation of a subsession
- modifications/changes of SecureAccess settings
Every session can be terminated by an operator if there is any suspicious activity.

multi factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication

Before gaining access to the destination server, the user must undergo a strong authentication procedure.
Multi-factor authentication is one of the best security practices.
Any unauthorized access attempts are immediately reported.

How does Comarch SecureAccess work?

Comarch SecureAccess is a proxy for remote server administration. A privileged user who wants to connect to a server, establishes a connection by logging into SecureAccess. Then, SecureAccess connects to the remote server. There is no direct, unsupervised connection between the user and the server since the program records all mouse clicks and keystrokes and sends alert notifications whenever specific events occur. To simplify the workflow, a user logs only into SecureAccess and does not need any other passwords or keys to the servers. SecureAccess operators (supervisors) are no exception – their activity in the SecureAccess console is also monitored and recorded.

Comarch SecureAccess offers server session management and monitoring.

Example Uses of Secure Access

 Government ↗ - monitor IT providers and quality of their service 

 Financial Institutions ↗ - ensure that financial data delivered to auditors have not been modified

∎ Telecommunications ↗ - protect the company’s critical assets and customer data

Comarch SecureAccess may be used in many industries and business, regardless its size and profile. It can perfectly serve in healthcare, telecommunications, finance and other areas. Deploying Comarch SecureAccess as a solution leads to increase in security and quality of administrators’ work. Learn more about use cases:

∎ Healthcare ↗ - protect the confidentiality of patient information

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