Comarch PKI Solution

Thanks to PKI you can generate and validate these keys and digital certificates needed for electronic signature. Comarch offers a highly secure product composed of newest solutions and features, including SmartCards, Tokens and high availability (HA) functionality.

Comarch Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Solution enables secure communication and data flow in any organization or business operating in the Internet era. In an organization that needs its data to be encrypted, a user who wants to sign documents electronically first needs to have an appropriate pair of keys. 

Comarch PKI Benefits

Digital signature

A proof of authenticity of your documents; thanks to the signature you can be sure that signed documents contents have not been changed by any other party and their authorship cannot be challenged.

Mail encryption

Assures confidentiality and secure mail communication; it also protects from unauthorized interference in mails contents and guarantees non-repudiation.

Authentication in applications

Secure and reliable two-factor authentication (something a user knows: a password and something a user has: a token or a card) while accessing multiple operating systems and applications at the same time thanks to our single sign-on service.

SSL Certificates

Guarantee that the server you are communicating with is the one you chose and you have not been redirected to any other server and your communication is encrypted.

Comarch PKI Elements

∎ Comarch Certificate Authority ↗ – issues digital certificates, manages their lifecycle and  stores them

∎ HSM – all private keys of root certificates are stored in a hardware security module in accordance with FIPS 140-2 cryptographic standard

∎ OCSP – a protocol, which gives you an immediate answer about the certificate's validity

∎ TSA – trusted time reference assuring that no changes have been made in a given document

∎ LDAP/AD – integration with directory services provides easier and more secure authorization and authentication process

∎ SOPEL – electronic signature and verification solution available as a desktop or web app and a library enabling co-operation with external company’s apps

Comarch Certificate Authority

Comarch Certificate Authority Features:

  Easy and fast management of thousands of certificates life-cycles

∎  Certification profiles and PR – the ability to replicate the structure of even the biggest organizations

∎  Well-developed system of mail notifications

∎  Ability to create many configurations and application adjustments for every single user

∎  Wide range of reports generated based on up-to-date data

Thanks to Comarch Certificate Authority Solution all end users certificates are stored on secure cryptographic devices such as Smart Cards and Tokens created either by Comarch or external producers. What is more, our solution carries high availability (HA) functionality and supports digital signature and verification of qualified certificates.

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