IoT Security

What is Comarch IoT Security Solution?

The PKI module provides trusted and constantly monitored access to the servers by privileged users and devices while the IAM module enables identities management and granting assets to mobile software or devices and it secures communication. 

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Comarch IoT Security Solution provides a proven solution for identity and access management challenge. Thanks to the integration of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) ↗ and Identity & Access Management (IAM) ↗, the solution offers a high-security level for scalable IoT projects in all industries. Whenever users’ authentication, device authorization, mobile access or server- device communication is considered, Comarch IoT Security Solution is the best option. 

What We Offer

Our deep knowledge and cross industry experience let us built a security oriented team of experts, who have a unique expertise in the field of software, hardware and connectivity security. We are here to create a robust solution for your IT systems and IoT projects.

The security risk in IoT applies not only to software domain but also to the world of smart devices that have exploitable vulnerabilities. We are aware of the complexity of security related threats since we have been addressing them in our cyber security solutions for more than 20 years.

Benefits of Comarch IoT Security Solution


 Provides a centralized and efficient access control policy

 Manages user and device identities in a large number of IT systems

 Offers elliptic curves cryptography

 Integrates with various applications, devices and operating systems

 Supports both third-party and Comarch own authentication devices

Comarch IoT Security Solution

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