What is Comarch IoT Plant?

Comarch IoT Plant offers sophisticated infrastructure facility suitable for short/medium series manufacturing and rapid prototyping. Aiming at supporting clients in a whole production process, we provide services in the areas of product development, mechanical prototyping and electronics manufacturing (EMS). Full control over the R&D and production as well as deep domain expertise and professionalism of our engineers let us deliver the highest quality products and EMS services in compliance with industry standards and market trends.

Rapid prototyping

Product development services

  • Industrial design
  • Hardware development
  • Software development

Mechanical prototyping services

  • 3D printing technology (SLA)
  • Vacuum casting
  • CNC milling

Rapid prototyping

Short/medium series manufacturing

Electronics manufacturing services (EMS)

  • Surface mount technology (SMT)
  • Through-hole technology (THT)

           - Selective wave soldering
           - Wave soldering
           - Hand soldering

  • Conformal coating
  • Manual assembling

          - Mechanical assembling
          - Final assembling
          - Wiring

  • Quality control

           - Automated optical inspection (AOI)
           - Automated x-ray inspection (AXI)
           - Functional testing
           - Flying probe testing
           - Environmental testing

Short and medium series manufacturing

Product Development

Comarch Technologies offers innovative software development services for businesses of all sizes meeting the highest world standards and client’s requirements. Depending on client’s needs, engineers can work remotely or on-site of a chosen headquarter. The scope of services and the engineers’ localization are always agreed upon with the client before the project begins. Along with full-cycle custom software development, Comarch Technologies provides software maintenance as well as platform-based customization.

Product development consists of Industrial design, Electronics development, Software development. Software development chosen services:

 Development and maintenance of desktop, mobile and wearable apps

 Building the firmware software

 User experience design

 Outsourcing & nearshoring of software competencies


"Comarch has been delivering support to Bluegiga in the area of development of the firmware software for Bluegiga Bluetooth modules. The quality of deliverable has always been of the highest quality and fully aligned with the specification."

Riku Mettala
VP Product Creation

How does the order execution process look like at Comarch IoT Plant?

Iot Plant process infographic

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance:

 3D automatic optical inspection

 X-Ray inspection

 ICT tests

 FCT tests

 Climatic tests

 Full production traceability


Comarch Technologies has 25 years of experience in solving the software quality issues and 10 years in the hardware area. Contact us today to find out how our quality assurance services can help your business. To find out the best solution for every problem, Comarch experts first diagnose root causes, then create alternative solutions and lastly select and implement the most effective approach. 


"Comarch’s work has been a major factor in the success of our speaker system, helping it to become one of the best quality product of its class in the market. Comarch is reliable, committed and conscientious to deliver the products at the highest quality level."

Wim Vanspringel
Chief Technology Officer

Selected Clients

Open Connectivity Foundation
Silicon Labs
Blue Giga
Car Connectivity Consortium

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