IoT Ecosystem

The real value of IoT services lies in combining connectivity and devices with vertical applications, quality of service, the highest level of security, cloud technology, and various APIs. The IoT world is composed of multiple, bundled and collaborative applications acting across many verticals, enterprises, and users. In this diverse environment, Comarch delivers a comprehensive IoT Ecosystem to support all levels of the end-to-end value chain with vertical business cases, horizontal platforms, IoT building blocks, smart devices and our IoT Plant.

Our design approach centers around modularity and flexible connectivity. Together with hardware and software development capabilities, this allows us to bring robust, comprehensive and scalable IoT solutions to the market. The “building blocks” architecture ensures straightforward integration with legacy systems and infrastructure. Having control over the entire development lifecycle, we can adjust to changing market and customer needs dynamically. We tailor our offer to real-life use cases to design an end-to-end solution that works best for your business.

Business Use Cases

IoT Ecosystem

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