Comarch IoT Devices

Comarch IoT Devices are linked to the Comarch IoT Platform through various wireless protocols such as Bluetooth Smart, Wi-Fi, 3G, Thread, and others. Every device carries a digital identity used for its identification in the network. Thanks to that the cloud management system gather real time data from Comarch IoT Devices at any location and point in time. Comarch IoT Devices product line consists of Comarch beacon, Comarch Industrial beacon, Comarch IoT Hub and Comarch Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Module.


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Comarch IoT Devices are electronic devices linked to the network through various wireless protocols.

Comarch Security Devices

Comarch Security Devices are cryptographic tools which verify the identity of their owners and provide secure access to sensitive data through personal cryptographic keys and passwords. Comarch’s Smart Security Devices portfolio includes a smart card, microSD crypto card, smart token and smart card reader. For even stronger authentication, some of these support biometrics authentication in the form of a fingerprint reader.


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Comarch Security Devices serve as advanced transaction protectors, carrying cryptographic keys and certificates to protect users against cyber-attacks.

Comarch IoT Lab

Comarch IoT Lab offers sophisticated infrastructure facility suitable for low-volume production, industrial design and rapid prototyping complemented with quality assurance. Deep domain expertise and qualifications of Comarch IoT Lab employees allow for coverage of a wide range of high-quality products and services in compliance with industry standards.


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Comarch IoT Lab offers innovative and sophisticated product line that allows for rapid short series manufacturing.

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