Workforce Digitization

Field Services are core activities of many service providers. They involve crucial management tools limiting operational costs, but are also important in the process of improving customer experience and the quality of delivered products. New technology allows for large improvements in this area. Comarch helps companies undertake field operations transformation by converging technological advances with pioneering methodologies that bring real value to the company, employees and customers. 

Comarch BSS OSS Products - Telecom Field Service Management

Implementation Methodologies

Workforce Digitization requires thorough planning. Automation is not the direct answer to inefficiencies of operations, and neither is technology which can disrupt or support the user just as well. Methodologies used to introduce field service management allow processes to be designed optimally before they are automated, thus making new technologies manageable and focused on the process. Our experience in the field, marked by successful implementations of mature and innovative solutions, allowed us to test many approaches to field service improvements based on good practices in work environment and process design. 

Lean Management in Field Services

Lean management in field services is a set of methods that aim to achieve the right balance between quality and cost objectives. Together with sector-specific expertise, it leverages the lean and Six Sigma methods to design, implement and improve systems that enable long-term sustainability and effectiveness. At the core of lean management lies the premise that processes should be optimized by removing all steps that do not bring value to the final product. Each step of the process is designed to achieve the best possible work ergonomics and minimize the error rate, following the well-known concept of “less is more”.

Zero Touch Scenarios

Zero touch is a field service management strategy that strives to optimize and increase the automation in of field and back office actions. It allows for improvements to the process by employing predictive analytics and machine learning to maximize operational efficiency. The zero touch approach uses technology not only to automate core processes but also to introduce automation to optional activities which are standard for day to day field service work. To facilitate the automation process, the zero touch strategy uses external tools such as IVR, messaging systems and chat bots.


Comarch utilizes industry standards to introduce its clients to best market practices and prepare companies for business changes which are frequent in the field service market. One of the standards used for telecoms, cable operators and utilities is Frameworx. Frameworx is a suite of standards and best practices often used by telecoms companies, cable operators and utility companies, laying the foundation for efficient business operations. In the area of workforce management, Frameworx defines aspects such as process steps (eTOM), application modules (TAM), data models (SID) and the integration framework. We employ standardization procedures defined by Frameworx to simplify our process analysis and easily integrate with HR, TT and diagnosis systems.


Technology is a crucial enabler of changes in field services. It brings significant value that improves work quality, boosts task execution rate and automates repetitive operations. We bring workforce digitization to our solutions by incorporating enterprise mobility, GIS and routing systems, automated scheduling, and augmented reality. Our approach is to offer new technologies in a way that brings value to the service provider while being easily introduced to the end user.

BI and AI

Companies that act on business intelligence data to optimize operations achieve higher profits and increased levels of customer satisfaction. Management of field staff becomes much easier to optimize with BI engines that gather and analyze patterns in data derived from assets (maintenance history and specifications), geospatial data (location, heatmaps and routes), job details, and technicians (performance, availability and skills). We put this information to use thanks to our advanced built-in analytics algorithms that enable smart forecasting – such as optimal workload allocation through dynamic change of regions assigned to technicians and route adjustments. Coupled with IoT functionalities, these powerful AI tools allow the generation of preventive maintenance scenarios based on the information derived from sensors mounted on monitored devices.


Many people look back fondly at the time they spent playing games. We seek to rekindle these emotions in field service workers, to revitalize their working routine, make their days more exciting and their work more thorough. The gamification engine displays real-time information regarding technician performance in relation to expected standards, and pushes performance notifications to the top workers. The gamification system’s interface is designed in a way that highlights progress and personal achievements. The game itself is based on a 3D rendered city map, divided into districts which correspond to particular tasks that “light up” upon completion. Employees also have access to their “wall of fame”, which collects and presents their achievements and relevant performance statistics. Our gamification engine is a brand new tool aligned with the psychological principles of workforce motivation, provides constant immersive challenges to your employees, and is instrumental in encouraging habits such as diligence, punctuality and desire to learn.


Comarch FSM features advanced IoT integration and takes full advantage of data derived from connected devices to leverage its field operations to the highest standards. By using data from IoT, field service companies can shift their business practices from reactive to proactive client-oriented solutions. Placing FSM in the broader context of interconnected devices and systems alleviates some of the most common issues highlighted in numerous surveys addressed to FSM customers and experts: low first time repair efficiency due to technicians arriving without knowing the full diagnostic report, lack of dynamic dispatching based on real-time progress, and poor field route optimization. Apart from fixing these common complaints, IoT solutions developed by Comarch go one step further and feature even greater integration with enterprise systems and devices. In our portfolio, Comarch’s clients will find comprehensive, scalable and flexible systems managing a wide range of aspects such as cyber and physical security and data-driven workforce management.


Improvements in service and workforce management are possible not only thanks to a great FSM product. They are a result of set of activities to introduce the product into the organization, help transformation, and support further development of this area. Comarch helps organizations undertake the process of workforce digitization projects, supporting them from the very beginning stage of this journey.


Comarch FSM business analysts are able to share their vast knowledge of introducing advanced automation to field service processes. Field services are a crucial part of every organization, as companies rely on employees’ day to day dealings with customers or with essential enterprise infrastructure. The quality of these services has a huge impact on how the company is perceived on the market and on the operational costs of the service provided. In our consulting services, we offer companies comprehensive analysis of their business, first identifying key operational aspects and then, bringing to bear our many years of consulting experience, advising on the most efficient way to achieve business goals.

Implementation Projects

A good product is not enough for successful field service management implementation. The key elements are the people who know the product and its features, and who have experience in bringing process automation and optimization into day to day operations of enterprises. Comarch’s implementation team has been building its expertise and knowledge from version 1 of the product, and utilizes this to bring the best ROI (return on investment) available on the market. Comarch’s standardized strategy of FSM implementation ensures that goals will be achieved.

FSM Services

Changes in technology and business environments require companies to focus constantly on the latest field service management tools. Comarch facilitates this process by delivering new system features with a defined roadmap consisting of three to four major product releases every year. Comarch SLA and Managed Services meet the customer’s needs for highest system availability and time to market, while Consulting Services and the FSM Training Academy facilitate continuous improvements to the company processes and service quality.

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