Equipment Maintenance

Infrastructure and after-sales activities of specialized equipment require a dedicated management tool able to plan field activities in the context of a given asset or piece of equipment. Comarch FSM inventories or syncs data about the assets, and manages all field activities related to this part of the delivery chain. No matter if after sales department is cost or profit center,  service quality assurance and KPIs and  the appropriate use of collected data is vital. In this respect, the application of the IoT and advanced analytics added to standard field service management features  give significant benefits to the service provider.


Comarch BSS OSS Products - Telecom Field Service Management

Geo-scattered Equipment

Thanks to its IoT module and dedicated smart devices, Comarch FSM is able collect data from distributed equipment and utilize it to optimize day to day field performance. Comarch supports connecting legacy devices to the platform with dedicated connectivity modules, manages system responses based on data derived from the sensors, and analyzes the results to improve operations.  Provision of the new devices is supported with a dedicated mobile app and activity scheduling appropriate to customer or location availability. With Comarch FSM, initiatives such as smart lighting and domiciliary care can receive the required end to end support.

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Site Maintenance

Sites Maintenance is designed to optimize support for the company’s assets. Comarch FSM allows field activities related to the site to be planned and reported. With Comarch smart devices connected, the system performs passive and active site monitoring functions by measuring the time spent by technicians on the premises, authorizing entry, and managing electric lock mechanisms. Comarch’s solution for site management supports end to end planning and physical access to the site, utilizing its own hardware or third-party digital lock solutions.

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance

FSM manages standardized and cyclic service, and helps to plan preventive maintenance activities taking into account KPIs, resource availability and asset location. Advanced analytics and IoT sensors allow the the system to take action in response to defined events, avoiding equipment failure before it impacts on  services or customer experience. All  types of work orders: preventive, predictive are managed together with corrective maintenance activities in one system, directly increasing the optimization of human and technical maintenance resources.

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