Comarch FSM Smart

Automation and Optimization of field services is not reserved only for big telecoms or utility companies. Comarch successfully implements workforce management for small or medium service providers, and in enterprises where field services are either limited or have just started as a new initiative. FSM Smart is a collection of seamlessly integrated modules with a predefined set of standard processes and configuration options which can be utilized by business administrators to easily introduce field operations to the company. The system addresses areas such as planning, controlling and supporting field staff in their duties in emerging markets (for example, healthcare operations). Comarch FSM also helps to fill the gaps in ERP systems which do not support field service activities.

Modules available in the FSM Smart pack:

 Orders and Tasks

  Resource Management

 Time Management

 Digital Map

 Spare Parts Management

 FSM Mobile

 Dashboards and Reporting


 Open API

Comarch BSS OSS Products - Telecom Field Service Management

Small and Medium Enterprises

Comarch FSM is part of the Comarch ERP suite. It naturally extends the ERP service module with field service scheduling, monitoring and mobility options. Small and medium Enterprises can, with Comarch ERP or a third-party ERP, build an end to end environment where all aspects of the field service management process are supported. Companies may serve field staff with all service requests for information and get relevant data from the field in real time.


Home Care Service

Home Care Service is a healthcare solution that aims to support the independence and well-being of patients who are recovering after a hospital stay, or need additional help to remain safely in the comfort of their homes. Domiciliary care involves a number of activities, such as providing patients with personal care, medication, meals, positive engagement and support to maximize mobility. Our system is designed to facilitate the work of healthcare professionals responsible for patient care, and to ensure their highest working standards.

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FSM Smart On-premises

For enterprises requiring installation of the software on their premises, Comarch delivers it as a pack of components that can be easily configured on company servers. Attractive licensing models and a set of related services gives the company full control of all system layers, while granting advanced options to access the data or reconfigure application or integration servers.

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FSM Smart Cloud

We offer software and computing resources for field service management delivered as full software as a service. Comarch FSM customers may shift all hardware, software and bug-fixing responsibilities for the tool to Comarch. Additionally, utilizing a multi-tenant FSM platform creates the option of FSM open cloud, which limits required investments and lowers the project risk level.

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