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In the time of focusing on customer’s needs, organising support in store is an important component of company image. A customer should enjoy the possibility of being provided with service at any place by a sales assistant that can access customer details and be able to complete transactions originating from other sales channels. Item return or exchange processes should be executed in the most automated manner. An important aspect is also fast and simple replenishing of stock in a store.
Comarch Retail POS and Comarch Mobile mPOS are applications providing all the mentioned functionalities.

Point of sale

Comarch Retail POS is an application designed for sales assistants working on cash register workstations or in store back-office. Its main purpose is to process all operations concerning customer support as well as receiving and settling item resources in store. The distinguishing features of the application are the following:

  • No dependency on Internet connection – the application automatically switches between online and offline modes, without affecting cashier’s work
  • Simple and intuitive work – modern interface adjusted to touch screens and designed in a way to allow unexperienced sales assistants to work, which makes inductios for new employees much easier
  • Screen adjusted to employees’ needs – it is possible to adjust screen appearance, layout or define custom shortcuts contributing to the ergonomics of work
  • Working with multiple documents – it is possible to provide services for several customers on one workstation at the same time
  • Handling of any payment forms – e.g. cash, payment card, voucher or mixed payments
  • Viewing of item images – employees handling a cash register workstation can view current descriptions, images and details of items
  • Related items – during the sales process, suggestions of items related to the item being purchased are displayed; relation between items can be defined manually (e.g. a specific belt goes best with certain pair of trousers) or a result from the Business Intelligence report, e.g. report analysing sales of products
  • Bundle promotions – with the extensive discount and promotion configuration options, it is possible to create different types of promotional actions, e.g. when purchasing four items, the least expensive of them is half price; an employee on a given workstation does not have to remember the promotion conditions because the system calculates applicable discounts automatically
  • Issuing and processing of orders – sales assistants can give items to a customer that were ordered in a Comarch e-Shop online store or in other sales channels as well as order items with the option of pickup in a selected store, or store to door delivery
  • Fast processing of returns and exchange of items – these tasks are processed in a fully automated manner and the sales assistant only needs to provide the minimum information required
  • Document items can be assigned to different sales assistants – bonuses can be more appropriately shared among store employees
  • Multilingualism – sales assistants can work in any language and Comarch delivers translations in the following languages: Polish, English, German, French and Spanish. 

Mobile POS workstation

The Comarch Mobile mPOS solution is an integral part of Comarch Retail platform, an employee can process all sales activities by smartphone or tablet. Both cashiers and sales assistants can take advantage of this possibility, e.g. provide a customer with information whether a specific size is available in a given store.

This approach works well in regular stores as well as in pop-up stores, islands, corners and small boutiques in shopping malls, where it is particularly important to use small devices and be able to approach customers with the offer.

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Store back-office

The number of processes executed in a store back-office is constantly decreasing. The quantity of items that must be ordered is determined by the Headquarters on the basis of different types of reports, e.g. a report analysing turnover in a given store. Inventory is more often processed by external companies. But still, there are tasks which will be performed by store employees, e.g. receiving delivered items, returning unsold merchandise to the Headquarters, determining demand on items that customers are looking for but are already unavailable in a given store. In Comarch Retail, these tasks can be processed in the same interface in which customer service is provided, which reduces the duration of employee inductions. 

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