Interview with Piotr Machnik, EVP of Product Management and Marketing and Krzysztof Kwiatkowski, BSS Product Manager.

With operators across Europe increasingly seeing flat lined revenue growth from residential mobile customers, new sights currently are being set on cultivating and enhancing relationships with enterprise customers. And while the transition towards offering comprehensive service bundles to enterprise customers can involve a lot of legwork on the telco side, companies like Comarch offer software systems and solutions helping telcos better support enterprises.

“The customer experience from the enterprise standpoint is a little different than the customer experience from the residential market side,” says Piotr Machnik, EVP of product management and marketing at Comarch – a global supplier of innovative software and IT services for telecommunications and a number of other industry verticals.

“When you have a fleet of connected devices, you expect not only quality from voice and data services – you expect… support for ordering systems and devices in different countries, a single point of contact [where enterprises can] place their orders, higher quality billing etc. In enterprise markets, there are a number of additional things that can enhance the customer experience with telcos.” According to Machnik, the level of customer experience that telcos can offer enterprise customers is becoming a more important differentiating factor in today’s very competitive market.

“The customer experience is very important on both a system and service level – enterprises expect more than just invoices,” he says. […]

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