Comarch presents Smart Button at Claro Tech Summit

Comarch presents Smart Button at Claro Tech Summit


Introduction to Comarch IoT solutions

This is the first time that Comarch is present at the Claro Tech Summit in Cartagena, Colombia. During the annual innovation event that takes place between February 27 and 28, we present Comarch IoT solutions to the LATAM region. Claro business customers can learn about all the functionalities and benefits that the new NB-IoT network provides.

Comarch Smart Button - Presentation and functionalities

The main product to be presented during Claro Tech Summit is Comarch Smart Button. What are the specifications that the device brings? It is a small Smart Button powered by battery that communicates with the IoT Platform (an ecosystem in the cloud), being able to integrate with the internal systems of the client's company. It offers a wide range of applications, depending on the individual needs of each company, regardless of the vertical and sector to which it is incorporated. Comarch Smart Button works up to 3 years without recharging. It allows actions to be carried out through three types of pressures: short, long and double. Feedback is visible through RGB LEDs. The Comarch Smart Button can be used to simplify an infinite variety of tasks, and can be adapted to multiple verticals, from Industry 4.0, through Retail to Smart City applications. This will help business customers accelerate their digital transformation through IoT and innovative network solutions such as NB-IoT and LTE Cat M1.

Comarch Smart Button is an excellent entry into the digital world and IoT applications for businesses. It is a very simple system that allows you to take advantage of innovative technologies in a very agile way and making digital transformation an uncomplicated task. In this way, companies take the first step towards more advanced digital transformation with Comarch, which provides not only industry knowledge but also understanding that these modernization processes are gradual, adding significant value.

The device is a functional button that easily adjusts to the requirements and the technological environment. Comarch IoT devices have undergone extensive testing and multiple scenarios with different network bands in LATAM markets. This means that this and other Comarch IoT products can be implemented immediately complying with the quality requirements and standards of the Latin American market.

Comarch creates and develops the most innovative solutions adapted to the needs of business customers, based on deployments of integral processes of vertical product development.

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