Comarch IoT Supports the Production of Electric Cars for Deutsche Post!

Comarch IoT Supports the Production of Electric Cars for Deutsche Post!

Comarch, in cooperation with RWTH Aachen University, is currently developing two research projects which use Asset Tracking and Industry 4.0 for the E.GO electric car production line which is being developed for the needs of Deutsche Post.

Since the beginning of 2018, in the Enterprise Resource Planning Center at Smart Logistics Cluster, we have been implementing Future Logistics (location-based services) and Real Time Location Service (RTLS) 3.0, which are fully integrated with Comarch IoT Platform, Comarch Smart Lighting and Comarch ERP. These solutions form a coherent Internet of Production – a system which combines ERP software with IoT solutions to optimize the production and logistics process. In the factory, we have applied maintenance-free ERP systems, operating on a smart production line equipped with a network of devices. This solution allows the delineation of zones for appropriate workplaces, data gathering and analysis, production process automation and control, and locating individual components.

Thanks to the implementation of Comarch IoT solutions, it is possible to fully supervise all production stages, as well as to effectively manage the production process and control its quality. Analyzing the most up to date data from the production line, which takes place in real time, also allows process optimization, significantly reduces costs, and minimizes staff errors. In addition, Asset Tracking enables intermediates (components) to be tracked, facilitating effective inventory management and security control (the system recognizes employees authorized to be in a given area). The solution - in combination with the implementation of Comarch Smart Lighting - contributes to lower production costs and translates into a real increase in the efficiency and profitability of the producer.

If you want to know which IoT solutions we have implemented there, take a look here – where our work is described in detail.

We also encourage you to watch our video, where you can see exactly how real-life production 4.0 looks.


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