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      Comarch builds test system for A4WP

      Rezence is an interface standard developed by the A4WP for wireless electrical power transfer based on the principles of magnetic resonance.Comarch today announced it has been selected by the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) as the single source of automated test systems to be used for product certification by A4WP Authorized Test Labs (ATLs), as well as by member companies for product development and pre-certification testing. This equipment will be employed by the ATLs to verify compliance with the Rezence™ standard, a crucial step in the product certification process and a key to ensure consumers enjoy a consistent wireless charging experience across all certified products.

      As the Rezence wireless power ecosystem grows to encompass consumer electronics beyond the smartphone, it is important that different devices and charging surfaces remain fully compatible with one another, providing the end-user with dependable wireless charging. To this end, in December 2013 the A4WP launched a certification program made up of independent test laboratories. After a competitive proposal process, Comarch was selected by the A4WP to provide these test labs with the software and hardware systems needed to conduct the compliance testing.

      - Throughout our 20 year history Comarch has collaborated with global standardization organizations, providing them with services including certification tools and advanced hardware solutions, said Mariusz Lasek, CEO at Comarch Technologies. - By combining quality assurance and embedded hardware expertise gained during years of cooperation with large CE companies we are able to support the A4WP’s stringent requirements for its Automated Test Systems.

      - The bedrock of a Certification program is cost-effective, efficient, accurate and repeatable evaluation of devices implementing standardized protocols. This promotes device interoperability and good user experience, said Scott Fischel, A4WP Certification Committee Chairman. - We are pleased to work with Comarch as a supplier of test equipment for A4WP. Comarch has been recognized as a vendor able to deliver high-quality, scalable test solutions to meet our expanding Certification Program needs.

      Since the organization’s formation in 2012, the A4WP has grown to include over 140 member companies, including leading brands from a wide range of industries including consumer electronics, mobile services, wireless technology, automotive, furniture, software and more. A4WP and its member companies are working cooperatively to create a wireless power transfer ecosystem that leverages Rezence technology to deliver a superior consumer experience and a more flexible solution for industrial designers. Comarch joins the A4WP at a critical juncture in its evolution to offer flexible, efficient wireless charging solutions to the marketplace.

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