Comarch Automated Test System supports device certification process for AirFuel resonant standard

Comarch today announced that the AirFuel™ Automated Test System (ATS) for certification of devices and chargers designed and built by Comarch Technologies was officially presented during the AirFuel Alliance Members Meeting in Phoenix, May 17-20, 2016. 

The testing system by Comarch Technologies comprises of SW & HW solutions that will be implemented in the Authorized Test Labs worldwide. Its aim is to verify compliance with the magnetic resonant standard for wireless power transfer. The testing itself is a crucial step in effective product certification process and a key to ensure consumers enjoy a consistent wireless charging experience across all certified products.

“Throughout our 23 year history Comarch has collaborated with global standardization organizations, providing them with services including certification tools and advanced hardware solutions,” said Mariusz Lasek, CEO at Comarch Technologies. “By combining quality assurance and embedded hardware expertise gained during years of cooperation with large CE companies we were able to support the AirFuel’s requirements for its Automated Test Systems.”

“Compliance testing requires accurate and cautious evaluation of devices implementing standardized protocols in order to guarantee interoperability and a good user experience,” said Scott Fischel, AirFuel Certification Committee Chairman. “We are pleased to work with Comarch as a supplier of test equipment for AirFuel. Comarch has proven themselves as a vendor able to deliver high-quality, scalable test solutions to meet our expanding Certification Program needs.”

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