Our booth number: 15  |    Vienna House Andel's in Berlin |    11-12 October, 2022. 

The most important industry event for the mechanical and plant engineering sector is casting its shadow ahead. Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Economics Minister Robert Habeck will meet with companies that play a key role in determining Germany's (export) strength. IT manufacturer Comarch will also be there with innovative solutions for Industry 4.0.

The 13th German Mechanical Engineering Summit is the most important industry event of the mechanical and plant engineering sector with the aim of creating perspectives and future viability through joint action.

"As a digitalization partner, Comarch has set itself the goal of working with companies and players in the industry to help shape the digital transformation of the German mechanical and plant engineering sector through the use of IoT solutions and to create added value" says Timm Huber, IoT Consultant at Comarch. 

The IT expert observes particular demand in the area of data used for process optimization. Mechanical and plant engineering can generate special added value from data with IoT, MES and asset tracking.

IoT solutions for digital transformation

MES controls data

With a modern MES system, not only is all production-relevant data collected in real time, but it is also compiled at a data hub where it is then systematically evaluated, based on algorithms. 

This includes data from the manufacturing process of the machines and plants as well as data collected during operation of the machines and plants at customers' sites. The data-based evaluations serve as the basis for optimizations in the company's own manufacturing processes and the introduction of new business models. 

IoT optimizes production and maintenance

IoT enables mechanical and plant engineering to determine the optimum production parameters, making maintenance concepts such as predictive maintenance a reality. While current order and machine information is available at all times, digitization makes it possible to offer additional digital services that ensure efficient machine operation. 

Asset tracking for complex production conditions

Asset tracking can be used to localize operating equipment. Ultra-wideband is suitable even for complex environments. Especially in warehouses with many materials made of metal and steel, companies are faced with the question of the most suitable tracking method: Technologies such as RFID or Bluetooth reach their limits when signals such as Bluetooth Low Energy interfere with metal.

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