Comarch among winners of the OCF outstanding Contributor Awards

Today we are very pleased to announce that Comarch has been awarded the 2017 OCF Contributor Award in two categories: Outstanding Company and Outstanding Individual. The ceremony took place in Vancouver B.C, August 14, 2017.

The Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF), a leading Internet of Things (IoT) standards body created its  Annual Outstanding Contributor Awards Program in order to highlight OCF’s member companies as well as individuals who have made exemplary contributions to OCF and its work toward advancing IoT standardization.

“The Open Connectivity Foundation and its members believe that secure and reliable device discovery and connectivity is a foundational component to enable IoT,” said John Park, Executive Director of the Open Connectivity Foundation. “We are grateful to have the support from these influential companies and individuals who are committed to helping us achieve our goal.”





The Outstanding Company Contributor Awards were given to Comarch with the following justification:

‘As the developer of the OCF Certification Test Tool, Comarch has demonstrated a strong commitment to establishing OCF as a leading communication standard. Comarch has hosted and organized Plugfests and OCF face-to-face meetings and worked with specification authors and work groups to solve issues and refine OCF requirements, as well as cooperated with IoTivity developers to improve security requirements in the CTT and in specifications. Comarch’s proactive and responsive approach to solving issues has led to finishing work in tight deadlines and making consistent improvements to the OCF CTT.’

The Outstanding Individual Contributor Awards were given to Jacek Hryszkiewicz for his exemplary project management performance:

‘As project manager overseeing the creation of the OCF CTT, Jacek has worked on new tools as well as code maintenance and has developed a reputation for being hands-on and proactive in Plugfests and online. Jacek has also been instrumental in his work with IoTivity developers to align OCF with IoTivity.’

“Comarch has been working with standardization organizations since 2007. During this time, the team responsible for design, development, and maintenance of SW&HW certification tools has helped many worldwide organizations with the development of various industry standards. The awards from OCF are confirmation of our professional knowledge and high-quality services in this field”, said Pawel Furman, Business Development Manager at Comarch.

A full list of companies and individuals recognized by the OCF Outstanding Contributor Awards is available here

More about the Open Connectivity Foundation:

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