Comarch Presents the Latest Product Demo. Discover CATF

Are you searching for a specialist solution that will help you revolutionize device testing processes in your company? Do you wish to implement easier and more reliable certification, and reduce test tool development costs?

If that’s what you’d like for your company to deploy, we’ve got your back.

Let us introduce you to the new product in Comarch’s portfolio, CATF (Comarch Automated Test Framework). It’s a specialist conformance test framework dedicated for certification alliances, designed to shorten development time and ensure high stability and maturity.


Certification organizations often lack experience in the creation of test specifications, test cases, or test tool development. Thus, a comprehensive yet easy-to-apply solution that allows test tools to be adapted to their own formula comes in extremely useful. The high flexibility of CATF and the number of available features facilitate adaption and application of the solution in any testing process.

By implementing CATF, you obtain:

  • Easier, faster and more reliable certification
  • Lower test tool development costs
  • Shorter time to market
  • Support package

If you’re interested in discovering more information about CATF’s features and benefits, and you’d like to hear more from professionals who have devoted their time and expertise to creating this solution, we invite you to watch the latest CATF demo.


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