Asset Tracking in production and warehouses

Precise location (down to 0.5 m) of semi-finished products, forklifts, tools, and people will help you monitor processes in real time and detect downtime, and will help you ensure employee safety.

With the analytical tools and reports, you will optimize the use of assets and identify bottlenecks in key processes, which will have a direct impact on an improved competitiveness of your company. This fits directly into the concepts of improvement of production processes, such as lean manufacturing and continuous improvement.


Asset location

Comarch Asset Tracking system provides full visibility of the location of all assets in production buildings and warehouses. Thanks to precise localization with the accuracy of up to 0.5 meters, it is possible to automatically determine the position of an asset and find it immediately.

Production optimization

With UWB technology, specific materials can be tracked within a process. Managers and planners can keep supply lines open, control the flow of goods, and prevent downtime. The data obtained can be used for continuous optimization of key processes.

Utilization of tools and vehicles

Vehicle and tool utilization management helps optimize the use of costly assets, increase operator efficiency, prevent the purchase of unnecessary machinery, and influence in real time the anomalies in its operation that have been detected.

Worker safety

Vehicles, cranes, and overhead cranes pose a health risk to workers in production facilities and in the narrow aisles of warehouses. UWB technology provides early warning of an approaching obstacle or entry into a prohibited zone. The system allows you to locate workers in a production building and prevent dangerous accidents.

How does UWB work?

Ultra Wideband is a radio communication technology based on frequent transmission of short pulses in a wide frequency range (of several GHz). For location purposes, the distance between the transmitter and the receiver is calculated using the time-of-flight method.
Signals arriving from several Comarch UWB node devices (stationary satellites) are processed on Comarch UWB tags. There, using an appropriate algorithm, their position is determined.
Location data from hundreds of mobile UWB tag devices is transmitted to the Internet, and this information can be interpreted in real time by the Comarch Asset Tracking cloud application.

Comarch UWB Tag

A small battery device that is a mobile marker, thanks to which the location of the resource in space is determined.

  • Energy saving function through the built-in accelerometer
  • Universal fastening with screws, band or glue
  • Frequency of sending the location of the tag: from 200 ms
  • IP67 enclosure, resistant to environmental factors and falls
  • Removable CR123 battery

Comarch UWB Node

Stationary network devices that delineate the boundaries of a tracked zone in the UWB system and communicate with tags to determine their position.

  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Remote configuration function
  • IP67 enclosure, resistant to environmental factors
  • PoE (power over ethernet) power supply
  • Dedicated mounting bracket

The Comarch Asset Tracking application, in the browser and mobile version, enables locating assets on a facility map, configuring virtual zones, setting up rules, and generating event notifications. Moreover, it facilitates the analysis of historical location data with the help of analytical tools (spaghetti diagram, heatmaps) and reports. You can also use it to efficiently configure building maps and your Comarch devices.

Features of Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology

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Optimization of Production and Logistics Processes Thanks to Asset Tracking

Download our free white paper on the Comarch Asset Tracking solution in the warehouse space. From the white paper you can learn what Comarch Asset Tracking is and what its functionalities are. It presents examples of practical applications and improvements in the operation of industrial spaces. 



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