RB-41-2005 Agreement with Budostal-2 SA

On 30 December 2005, ComArch SA received an agreement signed by Budostal-2 SA with headquarters in Cracow for the completion of the 2nd investment stage in the Special Economic Zone in Cracow, which entails construction of a complex of buildings to be used for IT system production works.

The subject of the agreement is the construction of an office building measuring14,000m2 as well as technical infrastructure. The agreement is worth 29.596 m PLN. The investment project is scheduled for completion by 30 December 2006. The agreement contains penalty provisions to the maximum amount of 4% of the agreement value in cases of ComArch SA's wrongdoings and 0.05% of the agreement value for each day late that the subject of the agreement is not completed by Budstal-2 SA. Payment of penalties does not exclude instigation of further compensation claim proceedings for amounts greater than the penalties. The value of Comarch's share capital constitutes the significant agreement's criterion.