RB-35-2005 Agreement with a Global Energy Concern

The Management of ComArch SA informs about the signing of a framework agreement with a leading global energy supplier for the construction, implementation, integration and maintenance of a global loyalty system based on the ComArch AURUM Loyalty Care solution.

As part of the agreement, which could be worth up to  20 million Euro depending on the number of countries, ComArch will implement its system in geographic regions of greatest importance to the client. In line with the framework agreement, on 14 October 2005 ComArch SA signed agreements with subsidiaries of the concern regarding implementation of the system in a Western-European country, with the total value of  4.126 million Euro (in words: four million one hundred twenty six thousand euros). The system will be hosted in Poland, in ComArch's data centers. Negotiations are currently being conducted with representatives from other concern subsidiaries around the world. The framework agreement stipulates the maximum penalties resultant from the subsequent agreements will not exceed 500,000 Euro. Payment of penalties does not exclude instigation of further compensation claim proceedings for amounts greater than the penalties. The value of Comarch's share capital constitutes the agreement's criterion. The agreement value is 16.232 million PLN.