RB-2-2021 Selection of the Most Advantageous Offer in the Public Procurement for Providing the Support, Operation and Maintenance of the KSI ZUS

Comarch S.A.’s Management Board informs about the receipt of the notification dated the 4th of February, 2021 about the selection of the most advantageous offer in the public procurement for providing the support, operation and maintenance of the Comprehensive IT System for the Social Insurance Institution (KSI ZUS), tender procedure no. TZ/271/65/19, organized by the Social Insurance Institution in Warsaw (hereinafter referred to as the "ZUS"), which indicate that the offer submitted by the Consortium of Comarch Polska S.A. and Comarch S.A. (hereinafter referred to as the "Consortium") was selected. The total value of the offer submitted by the Consortium under this tender is PLN 203,886,156.11 gross. The term of the contract is a maximum of 77 months from the date of the contract conclusion. The Management Board of Comarch S.A. will inform about the contract conclusion with the separate current report. Comarch S.A.’s Management Board recognized this information as an inside information due to its potential influence for the financial and economic situation of the Company.