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  • Online consultations (chat, audio or video) between the patient and qualified medical staff including doctors of various specializations, paramedics, nurses, midwives, dieticians, psychologists, occupational therapists, and physiotherapists.
  • These are offered where there is no need for another visit to the center (e.g. for the interpretation of results, planning further treatment, or training).
  • Such consultations can be performed ad hoc, where the patient waits in a queue, or by appointment.
  • During consultations, file exchange (e.g. with test results) is possible.

medical teleconferences


  • Remote medical conferences (chat, audio or video) between the doctor in charge and other specialists.
  • Such consultation can take place during a tele-consultation between the doctor in charge and the patient, or at another time without the patient attending.
  • With the patient’s consent, relevant medical documentation can be provided during a tele-conference.

health monitoring center

Monitoring Center

  • Remote patient monitoring center, where medical staff monitors patients’ health and wellbeing 24/7.
  • Telemedicine services, particularly in the case of cardiac, obstetric, and senior care, to allow continuous monitoring of patients’ health, as well as prophylactic and control tests outside hospital.
  • Specialists from the center continuously analyze data received from portable medical devices that record specific vital signs, and coordinate further actions in the event of alarms.
  • If patients feel unwell, they can also initiate contact with the center themselves.

secure mailbox hospital

Safe contact mailbox

  • Maintaining contact between the doctor and patient in between visits/teleconsultations.
  • Patients can ask questions about their visits, measurements conducted, test results, and other details.
  • Encrypted communication which, for selected threads, can be additionally secured with a two-phase authentication mechanism that requires inputting a code sent by text message.
  • Possibility of limiting access to the mailbox to a selected group of patients for a specific period (e.g. up to three months from a visit).
  • Doctors receive access to context information (e.g. history of visits) when addressing questions from patients.

e-registration for hospital


  • Online appointments with selected specialists, either in the office or via teleconsultations.
  • Possibility of making available and updating medical staff calendars.
  • Access for the patients, from web browser level, to a set of documents to be completed before their visit.
  • Patients can read a description of the planned service, and the suggested preparations for the visit (e.g. in the case of laboratory tests, the system can remind a patient not to eat anything before arrival on the day).

remote prescriptions

Remote issuing of prescriptions and referrals

  • Electronic requests for prescriptions and referrals for tests or additional specialist consultations.
  • Possibility of delivering prescriptions and referrals to the patient’s home, or of the patient collecting them from the relevant medical center.

medical monitoring

Control whether the patients follow medical guidelines

  • Regular reminders about the need to perform measurements and administer medication according to the treatment schedule.
  • Automatic transmission of test results, along with confirmation from patients that they have administered the appropriate dose of medication, allows the doctor to monitor treatment and to update recommendations continuously.

remote radiology

Remote evaluation of laboratory and radiological tests by remote

  • Remote evaluation of test results by qualified medical staff.
  • Possibility of sharing radiological images between medical centers, and of carrying out remote descriptions of radiological tests.

ehealth log

Health Log

  • The doctor is to specify a set of factors (tests, drug administration, wellbeing, physical activity monitoring) to be completed, and thus obtains insight into tests performed at home.
  • Virtual notebook, to be completed by the patient according to doctor’s recommendations.
  • The system gathers and presents data in diagrams, sends reminders about overdue tasks, and allows an “alarm” to be launched where factors exceed the defined range of values.

system ehr

Permanent and quick access to medical documentation

  • Permanent access to patients’ medical documentation.
  • Possibility of making full medical documentation available to the patient, or administrative limitation of information displayed (such limitations applying, for example, to doctor's recommendations, test results, and medication prescribed).
  • Automatic transmission of measurements and test results to the patient’s file.
  • Making medical documentation available to other doctors with the patient’s prior consent.

patient knowledge base

Customized knowledge base for patients

  • Automatic transfer to the patient’s contact mailbox of additional authorized materials selected pursuant to diagnosis and parameters contained within the medical documentation.
  • Possibility of patients’ adding additional information about their health, habits, and lifestyle, via a health survey to be available to doctors who treat them.
  • Making additional questionnaires and surveys available, in order to help assess the patient’s state of health and the risk of the occurrence of selected diseases. While providing answers to questions, patients receive a summary with general assessment and suggestions for preventive measures, aimed at general health improvement.

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