Comarch RIS

The increased number of imaging tests brought about by technological advances and easier access to radiological equipment has created a need for investment in modern software supporting the work of the imaging diagnostics department. Comarch RIS system has a full range of patient service management functions. Developed and perfected at Comarch Healthcare in cooperation with a group of practicing doctors, Comarch RIS system responds fully to the requirements of modern diagnostic imaging laboratories. RIS is of fundamental importance to the efficient flow of information in the medical facility. It may be an integral part of the HIS system, or can manage the imaging diagnostics department independently.


Quick operation

Modern, user-friendly and ergonomic interface allows for fast registration of recommendations, test descriptions, report creation and center administration

Defined glossaries

Content of glossaries and registers defined in the course of system initiation enables precise adjustment of the system to the client’s needs

Data security

Security of personal and medical data is based on an easy to manage system of roles and rights

Web browser

System operation via a web browser simplifies administration considerably, and lowers operation costs


  • Planning module - Comprehensive planning module based on charts and schedules, as well as an intelligent function for searching available periods, which supports the work of registration staff
  • Filtering - Advanced filtering capabilities make it possible to build personalized work lists for technicians, doctors, and nurses
  • Contextual view - View of the patient context offers quick access to all necessary information, including personal data, recommendations, tests, notes and attachments
  • Document template - Definable document templates speed up routine activities
  • Reporting module - The reporting module’s extensive capabilities allow preparation of all necessary data compilations


Areas of use

Imaging diagnostics department in a hospital

Independent centre of imaging diagnostics

Radiological laboratory in an outpatient clinic

USG laboratory

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