Comarch DICOM Runner

Comarch DICOM Runner

DICOM Runner is a DICOM viewer, which runs in a web browser without installation. It is used for presenting medical images recorded on CD/DVDs or other portable media. It is distinguished by its ease of use and speed, bringing benefits to both doctors and patients. The applied web technologies allow for convenient use of the browser in various workplaces, with no need for installation. It can be integrated with other hospital systems, ensuring a quick view of radiological tests via RIS, HIS or PACS systems.

Comarch DICOM Runner powered by Comarch Healthcare



Does not require installation. In order to use Comarch DICOM Runner, you need only have an Internet browser (currently Google Chrome) and access to the Internet


Allows medical imaging studies in a DICOM format of any modality or origin to be viewed


Application provides for efficient performance of measurements or various image operations


User-friendly program interface, with clear icons and intuitive grouping of tools, means that the most important functions are always to hand


Opening and processing medical images occurs locally on the user’s side, which ensures the security of a patient’s personal and medical data


DICOM Runner is a certified medical class IIa product


  • open and view medical images from a local disc, a CD/DVD or other portable media, and import files from WADO/PACS servers
  • quick access to data included in DICOM files; allows DICOM attributes to be viewed and searched, and their conformity to be checked
  • display ultrasound multi-frame images in dynamic mode, and image series in Cine mode
  • with multiple panel and selective synchronization options, it is easy to compare images opened from various media
  • allows various measurements and operations to be performed directly on the image 
  • 3D cursor offers intuitive movement around the examined area

Comarch DICOM Runner

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