Comarch Healthcare is developing its business in the United Kingdom. The Company has been granted a permit from NHS Shared Business Services, the market leader supporting the NHS (National Health Service) and delivering advanced healthcare solutions.


With the newly signed contract, as part of the Technology Enabled Care Services resource providing for the inclusion of telecare and telemedicine solutions in medical care services, Comarch Healthcare has become one of the preferred providers of innovative medical solutions.

“Execution of the contract with NHS SBS means that Comarch Healthcare telemedicine solutions have been accepted for use in UK hospitals. Acceptance by NHS SBS will allow us to conduct individual negotiations with healthcare providers, with a view to implementing our solutions in particular healthcare establishments”, says Mr Piotr Piątosa, President of Comarch Healthcare.

Under the contract, Comarch Healthcare offers advanced telemedicine services such as Remote Maternity Care, Remote Cardiac Care, Remote Care Services, and Remote Care for Seniors. The services are delivered using such devices as Comarch CTG, Comarch Hospital Telemetry Assistant (HTA), Comarch HMA (Home Medical Assistant), and Life Bracelet. Remote Medical Care services can be rendered thanks to the Comarch e-Care platform enabling continuous monitoring of health parameters on a remote basis.

The contract will be fulfilled from 20 June 2017 until 19 June 2019, with a possible extension for a further two years. The maximum deadline is 19 June 2021.
The contract is in line with the policy pursued by the Comarch Healthcare company, which sees huge potential in the UK’s growing medical market.



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