Comprehensive dashboard

The underwriting dossier presents:

  • set of key information on the insured 
  • view of the underwriting history
  • basic data on insured policies and proposals
  • updated data on active covers and sums at risk 
  • comments to current underwriting cases 
  • data on defined and fulfilled requirements 
  • basic information on related claims
  • correspondence with insured 
  • defined loadings and clauses

Automatic reasoning

The automated process of risk assessment covers:

  • risk assessment questionnaire configuration:

          → question content
          → question attributes (required, available, editable)
          → answer types (incl. numeric, text, checkbox, radio button, dictionary)
          → relation with other questions (parent question)
          → formula to calculate the answer
          → validation rules (visibility, editability, etc.)

  • automatic decision based on configurable rules considering:

          → personal details (age, sex, profession, hobby, localization)
          → medical questionnaire results
          → aggregated data on the insured (claims, covers)
          → medical history

  • types of automatic decisions:

          → standard terms
          → non-standard terms (i.e. loadings added to cover)
          → transfer to manual underwriting
          → rejection


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Requirement management

Complex management of requirements is ensured by:

  • automatic (based on the insured’s age, sum at risk etc.) and manual assignment of underwriting requirements 
  • management of requirements

          → requirement registration 
          → requirement fulfillment
          → requirement cancellation 
          → requested documents and examinations lists printouts 
          → reminders of requirements 
          → reminder letters on requirements

  • management of medical examinations

          → adding medical examination requirement
          → fulfillment of medical examination requirement 
          → data on a historical medical examination (validity dates, comments)

Manual decisions

Tools supporting the underwriter in a decision making process include:

  • introduction of underwriting results:

          → management of covers i.e., declining, postponement, modification of the sum assured 
          → management of loadings (permanent and temporary loading registration)
          → management of clauses

  • support for additional consultations on an underwriting case (doctor, another underwriter or medical committee) 
  • entering the underwriter's decision (acceptance of standard terms, acceptance of sub-standard terms, cancellation, refusal, postponement, withdrawal)
  • decision validation based on the other underwriter’s decision 
  • generation of an acceptance letter to the customer in case of required approval of insurance conditions 
  • registration of the customer’s decision


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