Insurance cover

  • list of held policies with basic information on covers and premium payments
  • detailed information about the policy: 

          → policy duration 
          → premium amounts, payment schedule 
          → dates of payments
          → policy contractors 
          → insurances 
          → held funds, etc.

  • download of insurance documents (e.g. certificates) or detailed information on insurance products
  • after-sales operation support – easy and safe insurance operations: 

          → changes in the list of policy beneficiaries and their percentage shares 
          → changes in premium allocation into funds

  • simulation of the expected benefits from the policy and funds based on changes of values, e.g. average return of the fund or the investment premium

          → handling investments in unit-linked policies
          → browsing a detailed history of past fund instructions and fees 
          → checking the fund value for a specific date

  • conversion of fund units

Claim data

  • registration of claim notifications within a selected policy 
  • monitoring of a claim process – the current claim status
  • uploading documentation required for claim adjustment 
  • list of open and closed claims with detailed parameters

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Customer data

  • customer data available at the user dashboard after login:

          → key information and news provided by the insurance company 
          → list of messages sent by the insurance company 
          → contact form and additional downloadable content

  • viewing and editing personal data:

          → identification data 
          → address 
          → contact details

  • obligatory or voluntary password change to keep the customer account safe 
  • mailbox for exchanging messages with the insurance company, send queries, receive information and browse the message history

New business

  • easy and safe insurance operations, e.g. performing quotations and simulation of the insurance parameters, submitting a policy application 
  • intuitive interface guiding through all stages of the application ensuring simple and efficient document registration 
  • list of submitted applications together with the information on the processing status

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