Comarch Insurance Client Essentials

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Intuitive tool giving your customers fast insight into their insurance covers and new product offering regardless of time and place

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Key business advantages

Stronger customer engagement

Encouraging customers to take autonomous actions and participate in shaping their own protection

Significant reduction of operational costs

Actions taken directly by customers without any insurance company assistance

Effective marketing channel

Up-selling campaigns, information and promotion of discounts and new product offering

Support for different product lines

Features addressed towards both individual and group insurance participants


  • ergonomic and intuitive interface built in line with the latest UX trends and standards 
  • dedicated to individuals as well as group insurance participants: employers and affiliates (employees and their relatives)
  • access to the latest product information, new offers, promotions
  • independent insurance operations without the need to contact insurance company employees directly
  • improved customer communication (e.g. requests, complains, application registration)



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