Sales network management

The solution provides a sales force data registration wizard and possibility to import all data on sales network and its structure.  An advanced life cycle of any sales network unit is easily definable. The system ensures 360⁰ view of salespersons – all data on sales units, their contracts, places in the structure, training and authorizations are gathered in one view. Moreover, it is possible to build a multidimensional sales network structure and define different types of relations between their units.  The solution also allows definition of different types of agreements with a sample set of parameters and product authorizations as well as sales goals for commission calculation purposes. The data exchange with regulators is supported.




The system allows definition of calculation rules for commissions, bonuses, overriding commissions, incentive points, sales goals and other values on the basis of the data collected in the system and parameters of sale network units. It provides an intuitive wizard for creating algorithms and rules. The user can also define various types of algorithm expressions, rules for calculating aggregates and parameters for commission calculations. Moreover, it is possible to configure separate calculation sessions for selected units of a sales network structure. The solution also ensures a mechanism for automatic correction of commission calculations.




The solution allows configuration of settlement & billing processes for the whole sales network or its parts. It ensures generation of settlement documents based on defined templates. The user can also define automatically calculated advances and deductions. Besides, the system provides sales force complaint management feature for handling disputes.

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woman with laptop reporting


Owing to the reporting tool the user can define or upload report templates. The system also offers a mechanism for automatic and periodic report generation (e-mail notifications). Apart from template reporting, it is possible to print and save ad hoc reports from any system tabular results. There are also dynamic screen reports available in the sales force portal – tables, speedometers, bar charts.

Sales data repository

The user has the possibility to browse all collected data on customers, sold products, related events, etc. The solution provides a product detail view with its attributes, event history, and a list of servicing persons. There are contextual links from product details to the related event / salesperson / commission details available. Mass product portfolio switching is possible.

Document register

The solution allows browsing and registering data on documents related to the particular sales network units. It ensures defining categories, types and attributes of documents that can be gathered in the system. The user is also provided with the possibility of automatic generation of documents based on configured templates, definition of document packages with a pre-defined set of documents, as well as mass printing of documents and document packages.

Training register

It is possible to register any organized training data in the system. The user can add trainees and trainers via wizard or import data from the file. The functionality allows registration of data on training time, venues, types, subjects, exams, participants etc., as well as the results of all individual participants. Generation of training documents for participants on the basis of predefined templates is also provided.

Sales force portal

The functionality ensures sales people a current view on their sales performance, sales goals, calculated commissions, incentive points, and other definable sales indicators. The portal provides   numerous dynamic charts, graphical presentations of sales results and calculated values according to the individual needs of our client. Moreover, sales people can also generate their incentive compensation settlement documents and file complaints about their commissions.

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