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Comarch Global IT Services offer comprehensive services for demanding clients who are looking for an efficient, secure and stable IT system. Four main categories of services are available as part of Comarch Global IT Services:

  • IT Outsourcing / Data Center services provide a flexible and reliable managed platform for business applications which consists of a monitoring, administration and maintenance activities and highly scalable infrastructure; the services include data centres, Internet connectivity, private networks, servers, storage, firewalls and load balancing; the standard model provides a solid platform for the company's development and ensures a timely delivery of hosted applications while maintaining the highest quality of service and the highest level of security
  • Community Cloud services are aimed at clients of the financial sector who are required to comply with European Union regulations (including those relating to data protection, the right to audit or business continuity); standard and efficient services in the cloud provide access to a reliable platform (PaaS) and ensure cost flexibility, allowing clients to dynamically adapt to market changes (increase or decrease IT costs) and quickly implement innovative solutions
  • Security & Monitoring services are a response to threats that can occur in hosted and independently controlled IT ecosystems; they are based on Comarch's original solutions and integrated third-party systems; Comarch has been continuously developing its own solutions (Secure Admin) and deploys cutting-edge security technologies to provide customers with the highest level of quality of services and satisfaction (Security Operation Centre)
  • Comarch Big Data platform offers access to analytical technology consisting of business logic, queries and algorithms in order to achieve the best business results; the solution guarantees reliability, scalability, accessible APIs and easy access to innovative and flexible services (Big Data).


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Competitive advantage of Comarch Global IT Services:

  • compliance with EU regulations, including the provisions relating to data protection, the right to audit and business continuity
  • nearshoring approach (EU data location and provision of services from Poland)
  • standardization of services (pre-defined functions and elements)
  • flexibility and variability of costs (instead of fixed costs)

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