Is your business prepared
for GDPR?

Comarch provides a wide range of services and solutions that help you understand how GDPR affects your organization and meet regulatory requirements.

Comarch GDPR Audits & Risk Assessment are first steps toward GDPR compliance that identify any gaps in the existing system.

• Stage 1 – preliminary evaluation of current data systems, policies and procedures (3-5 workdays) - draft recommendations
• Stage 2 – detailed inspection of systems used in personal data processing (2-5 weeks) - concrete IT solutions and roadmap
• Professional assistance in risk analysis of the customer’s systems; preparation and implementation of personal data protection procedures

Comarch Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a centralized and highly scalable information security system, developed on the basis of Privacy-by-Design paradigm.

• Compliance with GDPR
• Identity and access management
• Centralized and efficient access control policy
• Delegation of authority
• Management of users and devices identities in a large number of IT systems integrated with various applications and operating systems
• Multi-factor user authentication mechanism
• Single sign-on (SSO)
• Role-based access control approach (RBAC)

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