Comarch Transaction Protection

Looking for a cost-effective solution to secure your customers’ logins and transactions? Comarch Transaction Protection (tPro) is what your company needs! Designed for banks and other financial institutions, the tPro suite consists of two innovative solutions for strong customer authentication and transaction authorization: tPro ETH and tPro Mobile.

Key business advantages

Enhanced security

Proactive security features designed to increase customer protection during login and transaction authorization

Lower costs

Driverless approach providing full OS and browser coverage without the installation of any additional hardware, software or middleware to buy, deploy and maintain

End-to-end solution

Possibility of integration with the tPro Authentication Server, a module of Comarch Identity and Access Management (IAM) expandable with additional features

Dynamic flexibility

Full control over R&D and production allowing for easy customization of both hardware and software in response to different market demands

Comarch Transaction Protection solutions

Interested in reselling tPro solutions on your local market? Comarch offers distributors and system integrators free access to:

  • Special pricing and sales lead protection
  • Trainings for technical and sales teams
  • Label and color customization
  • Technical support in English language
  • Visibility on the Comarch website

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