Comarch Underwriting at Delta Lloyd Life

Delta Lloyd Life chooses Comarch solutions to streamline their underwriting process

Delta Lloyd Life has decided to cooperate with Comarch mostly because of the process-orientation of the solutions and their ability to offer a global view of the customer.

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Delta Lloyd Life is a leading Belgian insurance company offering life insurance to corporations and individuals. The company was founded in 2001 as a result of merger between CGU Life, OHRA Leaven, and Norwich Union. After the merge with Swiss Life Belgium in 2008, Delta Lloyd Life has become a true expert in the ‘pension’ segment. Delta Lloyd Life is also the organizer of the Pension Ambassador Award.

Delta Lloyd Life NV is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. The company operates as a subsidiary of Lloyd Group, that is listed on NYSE Euronext Amsterdam and operates primarily in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.

Comarch Underwriting

Discover advanced technology tool which improves straight-through processing in the risk assessment area and facilitate underwriter’s work in insurance companies

Cooperation with Comarch will allow us to optimize the underwriting process, which will result in more effective and accurate underwriting decision making. The main goal of the project is to improve the customer outcomes, service and overall satisfaction levels throughout all lines of business – pension, group and retail insurance.


Anne Romagnoli, Chief IT Officer at Delta Lloyd Life about Comarch Underwriting


We are confident that our market-proven solutions will allow Delta Lloyd life to meet its business objectives. It is a common goal for both sides as we see ourselves as long term partners for our customers.


Wojciech Pawluś, Sales Director for Benelux region at Comarch

The cutting-edge technology based on SOA principles applied in Comarch Underwriting and Comarch Insurance Claims enables the solution to fit into the existing IT environment at Delta Lloyd Life as the best-of-breed component in the medical acceptance area.

Anne Romagnoli, Chief IT Officer at Delta Lloyd Life

The Comarch application offers not only rich functionality in terms of underwriting and claims processes. Our solutions are based on a common technology framework, which incorporates the Comarch Business Process Management tool. The BPM component allows for flexible configuration of the process to best reflect the customer operations. Moreover, Comarch BPM enables managers to monitor the user work and their efficiency as well as providing the MI reporting, which allows for spotting bottlenecks and process optimization

Maciej Ślósarczyk, Insurance Business Development Manager at Comarch

About Comarch Solutions

Comarch Underwriting provides an underwriter with a comprehensive tool supporting each step of the underwriting process. The solution offers an aggregated customer view and allows to build and automatically assess complex medical questionnaires, which speeds up the decision process and lowers the operational costs by limiting the number of cases that require the underwriter intervention.



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